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Client Story

An Adventurous Home

A young professional couple craves foreign adventure. They love to tell the tale of how each day abroad moves rhythmically from serenity to excitement and back; awakening gently in the soft light of morning, flooding the senses in a new and exotic world, pausing for moments of heart-stopping beauty. Then the evening wind-down, conversation over wine, reflections on a well-lived day. Can a home feel like that?

Yes! An adventurous progression of rooms moves to the beat of a day spent abroad. Start in the Master Bedroom where luxurious neutrals and translucent forms soften the light. Energize in the Morning Room where a striking pendant fixture invokes a love for distant lands. Follow the beat as it crescendos in the Great Room, where a stunning Moroccan-style wall covering highlights a breathtaking mash-up of global and modern elements. Linger here for a moment of wonder, excitement, and discovery. Nearby, wrapped in a wall covering of gondolas floating in a sea of lanterns, a dark and moody Lounge invites reflection on the day. Retire to the Deck with its own modern/global mix. Kick off your shoes. Savor the evening’s last conversation here, that last glass of wine before sleep.

The home has a rhythm and, like the sound of tribal drums carried by the breeze, tells our couple’s story of a day well-lived.