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Great design is great art. As Chicagoans, we live and breathe this heady equation every day. It’s in our buildings, our parks, and our neighborhoods. It’s in us, inspiring our mission: Elevate style to the level of art in residential interior design.

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Denver’s Art in the Park

Published: July 24, 2017

Ever since Chicago unveiled its Picasso in the Chicago Loop, I’ve had a fascination with monumental public art. So on my recent trip to Denver, I was thrilled to encounter an exhibit of striking Calder sculptures set within the gorgeous natural setting of the Denver Botanic Garden. The interplay between sculpture and nature can be […]

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Denver Doors: A Gateway Sensibility

Whenever I’m in a new city, one of my favorite pastimes is to stroll neighborhoods with interesting histories and architecture. On a recent trip to ...

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Tile Style: The New Look

You would think a design material as old as tile couldn’t possibly be re-invented. Yet, I imagine the Moors of Spain who introduced tile to the West ...

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