Our Inspiration

The idea is all around us: great design is great art. As Chicagoans, we live and breathe this heady equation every day. It’s in our buildings, our parks, and our neighborhoods. It’s in us, inspiring our mission: Elevate style to the level of art in residential interior design.

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Our Approach

At the heart of every home is a story. That story is yours, waiting to be told.

Here’s What We Do

We explore.

Paint a picture for us. Tell us what drew you to this place and how you want to feel here. Share with us what you love about it and how you want to live here. Let us know the passions you long to see reflected.

We attune.

As we listen, we orient to you; to where you’re headed; to what you envision. We reflect that vision back to you in a way that assures you: We’re on the same journey.

We translate.

Like moving from prose to poetry, we move your story into form. A moment of inspiration becomes a series of concepts. Concepts become design. Design becomes art.

We communicate.

We check in with you at every step along the way to help you make decisions with confidence and ease. To stay on the path. To stay on budget. To earn your trust.

We transform.

You can relax; we’ve got this. Moving from design to implementation is our job. With impeccable attention to detail. With superb project management. With first-class vendors, master craftspeople, and top-notch designers. Led by Mitchell Channon, whose standards are exacting, whose work is principled, who stays involved because he’s committed to you and to your story. Because he’s a passionate artist who loves what he does. Because his name is on his work.

We tell your story.

Like no other story. With artistry. With intelligence. Beautifully.

Our Story

Mitchell Channon Design is a residential interior design firm

dedicated to elevating style to the level of art. Serving the Chicago area, the North Shore and beyond, our award-winning work is driven more by your story and personality than by allegiance to any particular style.


Picasso got it right. “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.” With integrity and spirit, Mitchell figured it out. Having parents with refined tastes in art and music helped, as did grandparents with an eye for quality that made their home exquisite. Mitchell remembers every last detail, of course!

A Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts at Grinnell College grounded him in color, materials, perspective and form. The college further imbued in him a deep appreciation for history, culture, and critical thinking. A Masters in Architecture from University of Illinois at Chicago deepened his knowledge of space and scale, creating a “value-added” blend of skills and perspectives.

With a compelling vision of design excellence, we founded Mitchell Channon Design in 1991. Though we’ve adapted and grown as the world has changed, the award-winning quality of our work and the strength of our reputation remain consistent. We stand out not for a signature style, but for our range. Each design tells a different story — your story. We are as drawn to difference in our clients as we are to the stunning variations of nature. It’s what we love about our work. It’s what makes us different. It’s where we excel.

Our Process

We can do more than tell you what we do. We can show you.

In this series of videos, Mitchell takes you on the journey from inspiration to concept, from concept to design, from design to art.

1. Inspiration

2. Concept

3. Design

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