Our Interior Design Process

Our Interior Design Process

A video diary of an interior design project by Chicago designer Mitchell Channon

What does an interior designer do? What does the design process look like?

In this informative video diary, Mitchell Channon walks you through his interior design process for a condominium overlooking Chicago’s magnificent Millennium Park.   Click here to view the finished home, or scroll down to view the videos in any sequence you like.  Contact us if you have questions or would like to learn more about what we can do for you and your home.

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Video 1 – Introduction


Mitchell introduces the project: a high-rise condominium overlooking Chicago’s famed Millennium Park.  Mitchell guides you through the existing space and discusses his vision for the project based on his meetings with the owners.

Video 2 – Selecting Existing Furniture


A complete interior design scheme doesn’t necessarily mean abandoning all of the treasured pieces a client already owns.  Here, Mitchell selects some of the owners’ more traditional furnishings that can be integrated into the new, more modern design.

Video 3 -The Design


Mitchell walks you through a 3-D rendering of his design that draws inspiration from the architectural gems nearby: the Pritzker Pavilion and the high-rise Aqua.

Video 4 – Feasibility


Sometimes the simplest design elements can be thwarted by building mechanics.   So before anything is finalized, Mitchell brings in the general contractor to determine the feasibility of the design.

Video 5 – The New Home Revealed


With construction complete, Mitchell layers the interior architecture with sumptuous furnishings.  Stunning jewel tones and rich walnut cabinetry reside perfectly within a black & white architectural envelope. The result is a home in harmony with both its owners and their surroundings.