Month: October 2012

Interior Design that’s Sitting Pretty: You’re My Special Chair

Lana Club Chair Donghia

Published: October 29th, 2012

Most of us have a “special chair,”  —  one that feels oh-so-comfortable and looks smashing.   While shopping at Chicago’s Merchandise Mart , I came upon my new favorite, the Lana Club Chair at Donghia. Sleek and beautiful, this chair oozes character and personality.  As Alina Wheeler, a well-known branding expert, says, “Design is intelligence made […]

Stairways – Ready For a Close-Up!

stairway still from film

Published: October 8th, 2012

We all love a great stairway!  A well-crafted stairway reveals an owner’s character and state.  Watching Scarlett O’Hara  run down the stairs at Twelve Oaks was breathtaking simply because the stairway spoke volumes about antebellum plantation wealth. And who can forget the stairway entrance of Norma Desmond in Sunset Boulevard, conveying a final descent into […]

Orange is Hot…and Way Cool!

orange pop of color image

Published: October 4th, 2012

“What awaits behind the orange doors?” reads the caption to the Parker Palm Springs Hotel website.   Indeed, during a recent trip to Palm Springs, I saw the color orange popping up like cactus flowers – full of fun and surprise.  Here, the typical mid-century modern home poses the same question. At sunrise and sunset, it […]