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Client Story

A First Class Retreat

A corporate couple. Think VERY, VERY busy. International travel; lots of changes in pressure well beyond the airplane cabins in which they practically dwell.

Now they’ve found their dream home in a sophisticated downtown high-rise. They crave the amenities – shopping, theater, art, music, and dance — and have fallen passionately in love with their stunning view. Beyond them lie such architectural gems as Frank Gehry’s Pritzker Pavilion with its ribbons of stainless steel, and Aqua, a high-rise by Chicago architect Jeanne Gang characterized by sweeping, undulating balconies.

When they open the door to their home, they want to practically hear it say, “Welcome back! Relax!” Easy to maintain, please. Calm, but vibrant all year round.

The inspiration is the view and the view is definitely architectural. We take the wonderful mix of lines and curves of the Pritzker Pavilion and Aqua and layer them into the home’s architecture and furnishings. We add touches of teal and aqua, silver and gold to enliven Chicago’s gray winter days and glisten in the sun. The place is plush and refined, with clean lines and custom cabinetry that minimize clutter and maximize space. The result is a place of balance and beauty, in harmony with its surroundings. For the corporate couple, it’s their first class seat.