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Client Story


A North Shore family with 2 teen-aged boys strikes contradictory notes:  Accomplished yet unpretentious, sophisticated but informal. In a traditional home, they crave places for contemporary art. Amidst openness and space, they seek intimacy. Their story is the pursuit not of sameness, but of harmony.

Through the innovative use of form and color, we strike a harmonious chord. Start with geometry. Link the curves found in the traditional architecture with the curves in modern furnishings, fabrics, and lighting.

Break the rules.  Paint the walls, moldings and wainscoting a single color to soften the volume and feature the art.

Make the family room more informal. Warm the walls with raffia. Paint the ceiling turquoise for surprise. Hang a big Noguchi pendant in the entry. Unexpected and delightful.

The composition is an intricate interplay. Continuity and contrast. Contemporary and traditional. Harmony and home.