The Floating Shelf Turns a Corner

Published: February 23rd, 2015

We’ve all seen them and probably used them.  A floating shelf is a sleek way to showcase your favorite accessories and, thanks to Ikea and Room and Board, has become a common feature. All things, however, evolve, and the floating shelf is no exception.  How about adding some sculptural excitement to a room by creating a floating shelf that actually wraps around a corner?  This ingenious innovation not only joins two spaces together, but turns everyday storage into an architectural focal point.

Floating Shelf Ideas
California Closets


Tim Clarke Design


Or consider a floating shelf that with unusual curves. That unpredictable bend makes the floating shelf sculptural and new, a smashing way to change the feel of a space. Here are some of our favorite examples, including two of our own:


Mitchell Channon Design


Mitchell Channon Design


Hufft Projects