Interior Design Chicago: Video of Proposed Plan for Millennium Park Project

Published: June 26th, 2013

This is the third video in my series about designing a new condominium home opposite Millenium Park, Chicago’s maginficent 21st century public square.  This is definitely the fun part of my work, as I get to create a design that fulfills the desires of my clients and takes advantage of a unique setting.  In this video, I present an animated rendering of the proposed design, outlining key changes in the interior architecture that will create an ideal envelope for furnishings.  Chicago interior design is distinct and often reflects the principles of boldness and innovation one finds in the city’s architecture.  So watch for ways in which I also begin to play off the architecure of  this amazing neighborhood.

I’ll be posting 2 more videos over the summer:  one to look at the technical feasibility of this plan, and the other that will reveal the finished home.

Here’s the plan.  Let me know what you think: