Lake Point Tower: Luxury Interior Design Ideas

Published: February 9th, 2015

Interior designers find design inspiration in any number of sources, but the perk of living and working in Chicago is being inspired by the city’s architecture itself.  One of our newest projects is an apartment  in Lake Point Tower, that gorgeous 70-story curved steel and glass residential icon adjacent to Chicago’s Navy Pier.  The late architect Deever Rockwell, a student and employee of Mies van der Rohe and resident of the building, captured its groundbreaking excitement, proclaiming “It was no longer necessary to have square corners; the corner gave way to the curve, but within a disciplined context, offering new possibilities with grace.”

Lake Point Tower design
Lake Point Tower







Those magnificent curves provide “new possibilities” for the interior design itself.  Consequently, we’re looking at any number of organically shaped furniture, textiles and objects to bring those curves into the home.  Check out some of our favorite furniture ideas.  I’ll keep you posted as our design progresses.

cured de sede sofa
de Sede DS-164











chase by room and board delia
Room and Board Delia Chaise
float curve sofa vladimir kagan
Vladimir Kagan Floating Curve Sofa