Tile Style: The New Look

Published: May 1st, 2017

You would think a design material as old as tile couldn’t possibly be re-invented. Yet, I imagine the Moors of Spain who introduced tile to the West would be in awe at how it’s evolved. I am too, and I’m looking at five stunning examples.

The porous surface and pewter glaze of the Lux Travertine by Ann Sacks reveals an almost impossible mix of shimmer, gleam and depth. Subtle variations in color and texture hit just the right note of intrigue.

ann sacks luxury travertine

The Nilo Ice White Matte by Artistic Tile is a 3-D ceramic you won’t find anywhere in the Alhambra! Put hundreds of them on a wall and be dazzled by a geometry and dimension that invites a playful touch.

artistic tile nilo ice white matte kitchen dining room

nilo ice white tiles

To add a sweep of kinetic energy to any surface, consider The Ona Natural by Porelanosa. I love how the shifting textures create a rhythmic variation of whites and grays, as if immersed in an undulating sea.

montana cottage porcelanosa

A current bathroom renovation has me swimming in tile and playing with its relationship to other materials. We’re taking our cues from a black-and-white Pierre Frey wallcovering called Fox Trot on which flappers and jazz musicians dance amidst an intricate interplay of geometric lines and shapes. A cool mosaic floor tile called Liason by Kelly Wearstler sold at Ann Sacks, accentuates the black and white geometric theme. As for wall tile, I’d go with the exquisite textured stoneware called Made Tableau, also by Kelly Wearstler sold at Ann Sacks. The soft white relief is the perfect counterpoint to the darker wallcovering while it subtly echoes those geometric lines. For a finishing touch, half-circle pulls for drawers on the vanity form circles when joined together, cleverly mimicking the circular forms on the wallcovering.

tile style new look

Thank the Moors for introducing us to the beauty of tile, but thank the genius of modernity for giving us something… well, more!