Chicago’s Best Luxury Residences: Five Qualities They All Share

Published: September 22nd, 2013

“This is the one.”

That’s the feeling you get when you walk into a truly luxurious residence after you’ve been searching for the perfect living space for what feels like forever!

The best luxury residences in Chicago take advantage of all of the things that make our diverse city so amazing:

  • Our skyline
  • Our seasons
  • Our history
  • Our lake
  • Our people

It’s the difference between *a* Chicago residence and THE Chicago residence. Luxury, by definition, should enrich our lives in ways that are enduring.  Here’s how some of the most luxurious spaces accomplish that in this amazing city

Floor to Ceiling Windows

Chicago is beautiful in every single direction, so floor to ceiling windows are a magnificent way to take advantage of the views, whether it be the diverse skyline, the spectacular lakefront, or looking out on the rich diversity of Chicago’s nearly 3 million residents.

Natural Light

Chicago’s changing light is as dramatic as its changing seasons, from the soft, diffuse hues of  a Midwest winter to the dazzle and sparkle of its sizzling summer.  The most luxurious residences suffuse the “daytime” rooms with natural light so that the home is always in synch with Chicago’s four seasons.  

Beautiful Kitchens

In a city known for food and friendship, a beautiful kitchen with room for friends is a must-have for every luxury residence.

Whether your kitchen is an Architectural Digest Award Winner, like this one:

or something a bit more humble:

It pays to have a kitchen that not only makes it easy to cook but easy to just hang out and connect. In Chicago, luxury is often informal!


Sophisticated Chicago Loop full window

We love infusing a client’s home with timeless luxury. By linking the iconic CNA building to the room’s color scheme, we tied the residence to something enduring, not fashion or trends.


First Class Retreat Chairs window night

Chicagoans dream of living with a breathtaking view in the center of the city’s cultural heart . The owners of this luxury residence fell in love with their panorama of Millennium Park and Lake Michigan beyond.

Architectural Inspiration

The surrounding architecture for which Chicago is known can serve as the perfect inspiration for interior design, The powder  room with a curved, silver leaf wall brings into this home a fragment of the Pritzker Pavilion.

The Best Luxury Residences in Chicago

Beauty and luxury are derived not from any one particular thing, but from the composition of things and their relationship to one another; in this case, the way the architecture, the weather, and our shared Chicago history play off one another in a home.  The best luxury residences in Chicago make this look effortless.