Signs and Symbols Add Intrigue and Excitement

Published: July 29th, 2016

Texts, images, and emoticons… we are living in the age of signs and symbols. A modern hieroglyphic transmits more and more about ourselves in a swarm of visual code. Is it any wonder that that these are finding their way into art, fashion and design? I am mesmerized by this trend which can add intrigue and even whimsy to a home.

Back in the 80’s, artists like Keith Haring predicted this return to the power of combining signs and symbols to create art.

Keith Haring

Haring’s “childlike form of graffiti” is still influencing fashion, like this gorgeous dress from Topshop that plays with hieroglyphic text.

fashion print symbols design inspiration

More recently, artist Jaume Plensa created a magnificent modern sculpture entitled “Nomade.” The 27-foot high human form consists only of metal letters that link together to create a “skin.”

signs and symbols in interior design

Similar graphic elements have even found their way into wall coverings. I am in love with “Signs and Signifiers” by Porter Teleo, in which random symbols boldly convey personality and panache.

Signs and Signifiers Porter Teleo

And if that weren’t enough, check out these two examples of graphics making their way into lighting. This Ingo Maurer pendant fixture diffuses light through 40 phrases in different languages scribbled on squares of rice paper.

signs and symbols - zettle

And the Ecstacity Floor Lamp by Slamp  sold at Lightology provides a cosmopolitan flair with its serigraphic print shade.

Ecstacity Floor Lamp

Lastly, this Aelfie Bath Mat gives a hieroglyphic kick to any home.

symbols in interior design

Bold and yet personal, signs and symbols add vibrant energy and intrigue to any home.