Friday Fifteen with Friends: Sally Schwartz

Published: August 5th, 2016

Sally Schwartz is one powerful woman. Her company, Image Pilots, is the event marketing and merchandising force behind the Randolph Street Market, one of my favorites. It’s home to the Chicago Antique Market, a monthly indoor/outdoor urban antique and collectibles flea market and the Indie Designer Fashion Market, the monthly hub for emerging fashion talent. Randolph Street Market also serves as producers of the Modern Vintage Chicago, a bi-annual vintage and indie fashion event; and the annual Randolph Street Holiday Market.

Sally’s also a woman of passion and fashion, all of which make her this week’s subject of our Friday Fifteen with Friends.


Name: Sally Schwartz

Occupation: Event Marketing

Best known for: Randolph Street Market

Antique or modern? I love both, but you left off “vintage” which straddles both

What has inspired or informed your interior style? Time travel, I like mixing different cultures and moments in time

Which colors do you use most?  I love pastels but also rich cranberry and hot pink accents

Favorite materials or textures?  Love bamboo and stone, plus silk

How do you make your home double as a work space? I work at my big marble dining table, lots of room to spread out. The dining room buffet is also a credenza which holds my printer

 What household item could you not live without? Nespresso machine, portable vacuum for dog hair, steam shower

What household items are a necessity to host a great party? Multiple ice makers & patios

Tips for hosting at home?  Hire help so you can hang out with the guests

Which design website, tv show, or magazine would you be lost without?  Architectural Digest

Design rule you love to break?  Don’t put tapestries behind glass frame

What is your favorite room in you home?  I love our library with my cigarette lighter shelves

What is your most treasured possession?  Besides my daughter and countless family photographs,  I have an enamel cigarette lighter & lipstick set that I treasure from my grandma

What is your favorite thing about Chicago—design-related or otherwise?  It’s so visually textured and changes with the seasons, fluffy and lush, stark and bold, lit from sky water and glistening skyscrapers

To which city or country would you move to for the design?  Chile seems to blend the European with the colorful South American

How would you describe your style? My very own, throw it together and see if it works