Dreaming of Design – Tell Me Your Story

Published: May 9th, 2016

At the heart of every person’s home is their story. As an interior designer, my job is to tell that story beautifully; but what happens when the owner is imaginary?

I just had the amazing opportunity to tell the story of a character I invented for Dreaming of Design, a benefit held at the Chicago Luxury Beds showroom. Co-sponsored by Luxe Interiors + Design and the River North Design District in cooperation with Refined Haystack, Dreaming of Design features a series of luxury bedroom vignettes created by the city’s top designers. If you missed the smashing opening last Tuesday, the vignettes will be on display through May.

The imaginary owner of my vignette is a highly successful, youthful businesswoman whose power lies in her passion and sensuality. Bold and attractive, she is exuberantly single and travels the world, immersing herself in exotic cultures as easily as she embraces contemporary American life. More likely to forge fashion than to follow it, she joins her love of travel with her embrace of beauty in a joyous and colorful mash-up.

dreaming of design by mitchell channon

Her story begins with The Southeast Asian Bed Frame from The Golden Triangle. Its intricately hand-carved Indian floral motifs invite exotic fantasy. The House Post with Fertility Motif from Mali, available at Primitive, amplifies the ethnographic theme. The contemporary elements are as adventurous as my imaginary owner’s travels. The wallcovering, “Lipstick” by Elitis, envelops the room in larger-than-life lips that exude sensuality. Sumptuous white fur and mod fabric from Romo pop against the headboard, while a duvet in a large floral print from Lee Jofa brings red to the bed.

Additional objects balance exotic and contemporary with their own mystery and excitement. For example, the glazed, sculptural base of the Vivien Table Lamp mimics the sensuality of the lips and Fertility Post. The rustic exterior of the Recanbol Lantern pendant dramatically contrasts with the sleek shimmer of gold that radiates from within. The contemporary rug from The Rug Company and orange bedside lamp harmonize the color scheme.

Lastly, I’ve installed a spectacular mid-century modern painting from the Richard Norton Gallery by American artist Briggs Dyer. Its abstract forms echo the primitive pieces throughout the room while its colors embrace more modern hues. The resulting vignette reveals a compelling story, a tale of womanhood where passion and sensuality forge a colorful life.

At the heart of your home is your story, a narrative waiting to be well-told through design.  Here’s my standing invitation to you: Tell me your story.