Luxury Interior Design: Chicago Style

Published: December 4th, 2012

Luxury interior design begins with the perfect mix of dimension, light and flow.  In my previous post, a photo of a garden walk in Ravello illuminated the point beautifully.

Chicago is not Ravello, but it has its own design gems.  Consider one of Chicago’s premier new high-rises, One Museum Place.  It may not be the most noteworthy building on the Chicago skyline, and from certain angles it carries a bit of disproportionate heft.


One Museum Place - Chicago
One Museum Place – Chicago

But, oh those panoramic luxury views!  The view looking north from the expansive 830 sq. ft. living room encompasses Michigan Avenue,  Grant Park, and the world-class Millenium Park.

View looking north from One Museum Place - Chicago
Luxury view looking north

The view looking east from the same room affords a vista of Chicago’s magnificent lakefront, the Museum Campus, and Monroe Harbor.

View Looking East from One Museum Place
Luxury view looking east

It’s  breathtaking, and affords this residence spectacular light as well.

Now look at the layout of  this 3,500 square foot, 3-bedroom/3-bath  unit:

One Museum Place -- Unit 01
One Museum Place, Chicago – Unit 01

Notice that, as you enter the space, the living/dining room is not immediately in view.  Instead, like the traveler in the Ravello garden walk, the guest proceeds toward the light through a long, gracious hallway.  The experience of being in a special place unfolds until you are standing at the apex of the unit with the best of this spectacular city wrapping itself around you.  Imagine the contemplative view of sunrise over Lake Michigan with your morning coffee, or the glittering lights of the urban expanse before you at night,  inviting a swank soiree.  Luxury interior design ideas for furnishings and finishes emerge effortlessly from the space itself.

In addition, the space flows from kitchen into the family room and out into the living/dining room, creating the kind of relaxed and easy experience that lends itself to contemporary living.  Room dimensions are equally generous, with the master bedroom wisely separated from the other private spaces.

Could the layout be improved here and there?  Of course —  I have all kinds of ideas.  Still, this unique residence offers the perfect canvas — an ideal balance of dimension, light, and flow — on which to create a luxury design masterpiece, Chicago style!