This Could Be a Winner: Architectural Digest Selects MCD as Finalist in Kitchen Renovation Competition

Published: December 17th, 2012

I just got some great news!  Architectural Digest has selected Mitchell Channon Design to be a finalist in the Before and After Showcase of kitchen renovations in the Architectural Digest digital magazine.   The winner of this final competition will receive a full feature on, and you get to vote!   Just go to  and find the “Chicago” project.  Then select “Chicago” on the ballot and cast your vote.

The selection honors an interior design renovation I completed for Chicago homeowners, one of whom is a professional chef.  The couple found the existing kitchen  — with its small island, dark finishes, U-shaped counter, and poor quality, traditional cabinetry — to be stifling.

“Before” photo of kitchen

The owners asked me to re-design the kitchen to make if feel more efficient, spacious, light, and inviting.  What do you think?

“After” photo of kitchen


The larger island and open shelving give the owner room to breathe and to move. The sleek new finishes and lighting, along with the modern cabinetry, stove-top and hood provide a much more contemporary feel.  Eliminating the wall separating the kitchen and the family room allows natural light to flow into the kitchen area, which now extends into the family room through a series of varying height bookshelves. The overall effect is one of expansiveness and ease, inviting the chef to casually create and family and friends to join in the fun.

Okay, my work is done; the rest is up to you!   Vote now for this project at:  While you’re at it, forward this to friends and colleagues and invite them to do the same.