New Wallpapers: A Treasure Trove of Wit and Whimsy

Published: March 30th, 2015

I just discovered a treasure trove of great new wallpaper by a company called just that:  Trove.  Founded by New York artists Jee Levin and Randall Buck, Trove has created something totally different —  large scale printed wallcoverings that, like an artist’s mural, completely engage the viewer.  What a great way to introduce wit and whimsy into a room!

trove azha wallpaper
Trove Azha
Trove Indi Wallpaper
Trove Indi












Here’s a design I just love called Fuoco. This design is based on an archival photograph of the Teatro La Fenice, a famous opera house in Venice, taken after its reopening in 1937.

fuoco wallpaper detail

La Fenice has a wondrous history.  Originally completed in 1792, 18 years after a previous Opera House had burned down, its name means “The Phoenix,” referring to the mythical bird that rises from ashes.  Ironically, La Fenice was itself destroyed by fire in 1836 and rebuilt in 1837, featuring  late empire luxury of gilt decor, heavy details and stucco. It succumbed to fire again (arson) in 1996 and opened again in 2001, honing to the original 1789 design.

interno fenice
La Fenice

fuoco wallpaper small

The magic of using this photo as wallpaper lies in the experience of joining with those in the photo — all of us spectators looking at others.  Who’s looking at whom?  What were they thinking in that moment?  What am I thinking now as I look at them?  It’s an endless source of mystery and delight.  Who would think that something as traditionally mundane as wallpaper would offer such unexpected amusement?!?  Brilliant!