Personality Quiz: Does Your Lifestyle Fit Your Design Style?

Published: April 6th, 2015

If you’re a minimalist who loves the clean and sleek interior style, the trick is knowing how to keep everything in order.  Can you live up to the challenge? While some of us love this look, it doesn’t always love us back, especially when we have a tendency to leave the mail on the kitchen counter, throw our coats on the nearest chair or leave magazines strewn about.  The minimalist look can make even the slightest misplaced item look horribly out-of-place.

minimalist living room

Sometimes we just have to re-think the match between how we live and the look we like.  Design is about personality after all, and some of us need a style that tolerates a more carefree spontaneity.  If that description fits you, then worry less about a little clutter in your home by adding layers of pattern and color.  The increased complexity and visual interest tolerates a touch of disorder without looking lived-in shabby.  This  more relaxed approach works especially well for families with kids or pets of course, but it also feels inviting and fun.  High end rooms designed in this style can be dazzling while still putting us at ease. Take a look at some beautiful examples of layering pattern and color that achieve these effects.

Michael Penny

spring floral stripe pattern











boho chic interior design


























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