Texture Beyond Textiles

Published: November 15th, 2016

One of the most exciting aspects of furnishing a mid-century modern home is integrating aesthetic contrasts within a clean, unfussy envelope. Stunning textural variations are often beautifully built into such homes. Think smooth and rough, glass and stone, concrete floors and redwood ceilings, smooth walls and exposed brick or slatted wood, vaulted rooms with stone fireplaces. All of these create texture beyond textiles. They inspire me to do the same with furnishings by finding unique textures in the structure of the piece itself. These chairs, for example, are among my candidates for just this kind of setting.

Rattan rocks! This rattan lounge chair by Palacek keeps the scale light while adding great visual interest and high style.


Will wicker work? Absolutely. Wrap your arms around this lovely wicker club chair from Janus et Cie. The light but textured structure is a perfect counterpoint to the clean lines of a mid-century modern home.


And then there’s rope. This rope-woven arm chair from Walters joins a modern form with an ancient texture that offers surprising comfort.


If mid-century modern is your look, then get beyond the fabrics to add great texture to your home!