How to Find Chicago’s Best Interior Designer For You

Published: September 22nd, 2013

Finding the best interior designer in Chicago is extremely difficult, not only  because there are so many talented people in Chicago, but because every client’s taste is different.

In the end, you’ll need to base your decision on an array of factors, from seeing their work, hearing their approach, reading  references, getting recommendations from your friends, and determining how well they can tell your story.

Here are some things that every interior designer should do well:

Connect with Chicago

best interior designer chicago

Architecture in inspiration in Chicago. It’s great to find a designer who can connect with it! In this photo, we’ve linked the room’s color scheme to the iconic Chicago CNA building seen through the window.  The room now feels like it’s as much a part of the city as the buildings beyond.

Be Extremely Organized

As a client, you should never have any idea the number of receipts, folders, paint samples, and fabric swatches, that a designer deals with every day.  Your designer should be the calm and reassuring center of of your design project.  Organizing multiple moving parts should be their specialty. If they seem to be disorganized before a project even starts, move on!

Balance Big Picture and Details

The best interior designers are problem solvers, testing and retesting until they reach your goals. They will keep their eye on the prize while still focusing on details.  Great design is the culmination of many small decisions made extremely well.

Challenge Their Clients

When you hire an interior designer, be prepared to be challenged. The best interior designers not only listen to your needs, learn your tastes, and get your story, but also challenge you to consider new ways of translating that into something you might never have imagined! So be brave, be flexible, and be open. If you’re learning something from your interior designer, you are on a very special and satisfying journey.

Future – Focused

Knowing the needs of your family right now is easy, but what about the future?  The best interior designers will know how you like to live now and will be able to accurately predict what that will look like in 2, 5, and 10 years from now.

They know that the living space needs to fit your family and life, not the other way around.  For example while big open spaces may be valuable for your small children now, teenagers might prefer having some space in the home where they can be separate from the family from time to time. The best interior designers ask all the right questions to help you plan, saving you time and money in the process.

So Who Is the Best Interior Designer in Chicago?

Honestly, that’s really up to you.  We’ve given you a quick checklist of what to consider.  The best interior designers that we know make all of the items above look effortless.

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This post was last updated September 2017.