These 5 Homes Are the Epitome of Luxury Residential Interior Design in Chicago

Published: September 22nd, 2013

People see a lot of different things when they look at homes in Chicago.

Of course it depends on how you define luxury, but we’ve always fancied the definition:

“Luxury is like art: it is beautiful, it is enduring, and it is true. A luxury home reminds us of who we are.”

What is Luxury Residential Interior Design?

The most luxurious residences in Chicago are designed to remind the homeowner of who they are and to tell their story beautifully.

Here are a few examples:

An Adventurous Home

luxury residential interior design

Designing a home to reflect a day well-lived and full of adventure abroad can be challenging. If every home should tell a story, then this is the story of  a professional couple traveling to exotic places, pausing in the evening for conversation and memories over a glass of wine.

For this couple, luxury is a day well-lived and a home to match.

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New Urban Nest

Design that’s clean and easy transforms a two-flat into a new urban nest for an empty nest couple. Closer to the neighborhoods and locations they’ve missed, this home enhances all of this Chicago couple’s passions: family, friends, and food.

For them, luxury is a home filled with the laughter of grandchildren flowing easily through the space.

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A First Class Retreat

For a corporate couple familiar with the high pressures of international business travel, we focused on creating balance and beauty to match the view.  With a home with a stunning lake view overlooking Millennium Park, we have created this couple’s dream home.

For them, luxury is a retreat that beckons them home to  a place of exquisite calm with access to the finest amenities  in the heart of the city.

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For an accomplished family on the North Shore of Chicago, with two teenaged boys, the key to designing a luxury home was not to force sameness, but to create harmony

They break the rules by being unpretentious and informal. To bring that informality into a traditional home, we broke the rules too, infusing the classic with the contemporary. We: cover walls in surprising ways, hang modern fixtures in conventional spaces, and give play to modern art.

Luxury, for this family, is building harmony into their home.

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Family and Art

This 1930’s Tudor on Lake Michigan reflects art collector owners who are social, philanthropic, creative and warm while being elegant, understated and devoted. Our design therefore provides public spaces that charm and entertain and private ones that enchant.

For this family, luxury is a home that can be all they need it to be and all of who they are..

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